Jonah Whitebeard

Warrior Priest of Ulric


Jonah is tall and rangy, with black hair speckled with white hairs – at odds with his smooth skin and otherwise youthful appearance. He bears the arms and armour of a Battle Priest of Ulric with the White Wolf sigil featured prominently.

His pale, grey eyes observe the world around him dispassionately, looking for weaknesses in those around him and constantly assessing the suitability of the terrain for attack and defence. In battle, however, he fights with barely controlled fury – taking brutal pleasure in striking down his foes.

He is smooth-cheeked, shaving morning and night. Only on campaign does he allow his beard – thick and entirely white – to grow out.


At the tender age of 21, Jonah is the oldest surviving member of the Niflheim Involunteers (“It’s not a choice, boys and girls!”). His once black hair is speckled with white and his youthful, clean-shaven face hides a thick white beard that he allows to grow out when on campaign.

His white hair was gained following a battle with Norscan raiders when he was 19 – a battle which left the vast majority of the Involunteers dead and Jonah trapped in a burning inn. Trapped between fire and Norscan raiders, he prayed and Ulric answered. At least, that’s how Jonah regards it.

VIllagers from Niflheim – escaped from slavery at the hands of the Norscans thanks to the sacrifice of the Involunteers – tell of the fires weakening the building to the point that the roof could no longer support the weight of a heavy snowfall. The roof collapsed, dumping tonnes of snow into the building – extinguishing the fire and burying Jonah. When the villagers dug him out hours later, his hair had threads of silver and his dark stubble was entirely white.

After he recovered, Jonah left Niflheim for Middenheim – to pledge his service to the Snow King as repayment for Ulric’s aid. After two years in the great Temple there, Jonah has been named a Priest Errant – freeing him to seek out the servants of Chaos and protect the goodly folk of the Empire wherever the will of Ulric takes him.

Jonah Whitebeard

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